When You Should Hire a Home Appraiser

You might need to hire a home appraiser to set up your estate for inheritance, qualify for insurance, reduce property taxes, or to help you determine future improvements to your home. But what does an appraiser actually do, and what should you be looking for? Read more…

SMEs can get their hands on transparent, real-time rates via HSBC’s digital forex solution

[This is a sponsored article with HSBC.] SMEs make up 98.5% of the total 921K businesses in the nation. With SMEs in mind, HSBC Malaysia continues in their facilitation of local businesses, providing tools for pandemic recovery, growth, and international expansion. Despite the projected difficulties in 2021, Malaysian businesses remain positive about international trade, with…(Continue Reading)

China’s group buying trend has hit S’pore’s shores, do the community leaders profit from it?

One of the hottest tech trends in China right now is “community group buying”, which refers to collective online grocery shopping. This hyperlocal group purchasing model organises people within approximate locations to collectively bargain on items through bulk purchase. This contact-free model for digital grocery retail took off during the Covid-19 pandemic as a convenient…(Continue Reading)